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Our history

The Chamber of Mines is an established structure within the Federation of enterprises of Congo, to drive the work on the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It replaced the National Mining Commission on March 24, 2011, after the revision of the FEC statutes, in order to align it with other associations of mining companies within the SADC region. This new name, among other things, allowed him to join the Mining Industries Association of southern Africa (MIASA).

Our Organization

In accordance with article 10 (b) of the Federation of enterprises of Congo Statutes, the Chamber of Mines is a body with specific national competence of FEC. Because of this, it works according to the rules of procedure and Statutes of the Federation. The Chamber name is recognized at national level l while in provinces, associations of mining companies are called: professional mining committees and they have the obligation to regularly inform the Chamber of Mines on their different activities. The Chamber of Mines is administered by a President, four Vice-presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

The Head office of the Chamber is located in Lubumbashi, in the building of the provincial Direction of the FEC Katanga.

Meetings are held six times a year once every two months or more in the case of emergency. Meetings are held mainly at the headquarters of the Chamber. However, the national character of the chamber allows it to hold meetings in other cities throughout the country. Financially, the Chamber of Mines is funded by one third of mining companies’ members contributions, paid to the Federation of enterprises of Congo.

Our mission

  • To gather within the Federation of Congolese Enterprises all companies operating in the mining sector;
  • To defend the interests of mining companies and their interface with the public authorities and other partners;
  • To develop a policy conducive and adequate to the development of mining activities;
  • To carry out mining activities in compliance with the legislation in force;
  • To put in place a development program for economic activities in different sectors or subsectors;
  • To implement mechanisms for supervision of artisanal miners to a progressive evolution towards formal;
  • To ensure respect for ethical and environmental standards of companies member;
  • To support the social dialogue between the companies in the mining sector.

Our members

All mining companies affiliated to the Federation of Congolese Enterprises are formally members of the Chamber of Mines. Companies that process ores, minerals analytical laboratories or cooperatives of artisanal miners can also join the Chamber. About 40 Mining companies are members of the Chamber of Mines. They represent all sectors of the mining sector (Copper-Cobalt, diamonds, gold, Coltan-Tin)

Our values

The Chamber of Mines ensures that all mining companies members truly adhere to the values embedded in the ethical Charter of the Federation of Congolese enterprises and therefore to those of the Chamber of Mines, which they are the principal vectors. Five values define our conduct and the Chamber of Mines request all the members to respect it scrupulously.


At the Chamber of Mines, we are aware of the dangerousness of certain activities of our members. We believe that men protection and secure operations are capital to our operations.


The Chamber of Mines rejects corruption in all its forms and requests all companies members not to use it to get or win a market or another advantage.


It dictates the practices of the Chamber of Mines in equal governance. We are committed to provide clear and accurate information to our members. Our goal is to enable them to appreciate our management and provide them at any time with a complete vision on all the guarantees and services dedicated to them.


We are aware of the role we play as a structure and player in the economic development of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Because of this, we ensure of all our commitments to the activities of our members. In any sector including social, economic and environmental.


We seek excellence in all our actions. To do this, we attach particular interest to the continuous improvement of our services and our working methods in order to develop the mining sector<

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