29 November 2023

Export ban waiver on DRC minerals concentrates 

On Monday 24th,  Prime Minister Ilunga Ilukamba hosted a joint working session in Kinshasa, including two delegations of mineral-rich provinces of Haut-Katanga and Lualaba. Governors Jacques Kyabula Katwe (Haut-Katanga) and Richard Muyej Mangez Mans (Lualaba) represented those provinces.

Minister of Mines Willy Kitobo, who attended this meeting, announced August 22, an indefinite export ban waiver on copper, cobalt and tin concentrate. The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to the world’s leading cobalt reserve and Africa’s biggest copper producer. Most of these copper and cobalt deposits are in the provinces of Haut-Katanga and Lualaba.

The ban on copper and cobalt export concentrates was initially applied in 2013 to encourage mining companies to process and refine those mineral resources in the DRC.

Governors Jacques Kyabula Katwe and Richard Muyej Mangez Mans expressed their desire to be involved in decisions affecting the mining industry in their respective provinces. They also expect future actions to be in adherence with the revamped Mining Code.

According to both governors, such an approach will facilitate the effective implementation of future policy decisions on the ground.

Moreover, both governors expressed their satisfaction regarding their meeting with Prime minister Ilukamba. They reiterated the strategic importance of this joint working session for ensuring the livelihood improvement of communities affected by mining operations in the provinces of  Haut-Katanga and Lualaba. Another meeting is planned this coming week.

Source: Prime Minister Office